Social Media Management

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Base Plan

Some claim 1 is the loneliest number. With Social Media, sometimes 1 platform is all you need. If you're just getting started, this is a perfect option for you.

  • Initial Site Setup Included

  • Typically 1-2 Platforms

  • 5-10 Posts Per Month 



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Plus Plan

Now is when you have to start to making choices. We have tons of industry data as it relates to the effectiveness of the different Social Media platforms. Just ask!

  • Initial Site Setup Included

  • Typically 3-4 Platforms

  • 10-20 Posts Total Per Month




Premium Plan

It's so important to be relevant on the Internet. Position yourself as an industry leader and trusted partner based on the content you post. Watch your business grow.

  • Initial Site Setup Included

  • Typically 4+ Platforms

  • 20+ Total Posts Per Month



What is a Social Media Marketing Agency?

We're glad you asked...

So, what is this all about?

Social Media can be tricky. You may be able to navigate your way around the various Social Media platforms, but content development is the real challenge. This is our business and we do it very well. Leave it to us, so you can focus on your business.

We know when to publish, where to publish, and how often. Don’t worry, you always have the opportunity to edit anything before it’s posted. We’re confident that won’t be necessary though.


Which platform is the best?

We can't really answer this one. With so many options out there, each platform has its pros and cons. While Facebook is great for advertising your business and engaging your audience, you're not going to have as much success selling retail products as you would on Pinterest. Based on our initial conversations, we'll be able to point you in the right direction. 


How do I know if it’s working?

We love data. You can count on monthly reporting to show how your different platforms are performing. If we’re not happy with the results, we can adapt and adjust to the market. Perhaps try different approaches on different Social Media sites. There is no perfect formula. However, we've very proud of the results we see, and we're confident in your ultimate satisfaction. 

How do you know what to post?

Yes, it’s very anecdotal. Just who do we think we are? The truth is, we’re always online. We have team members scouring online groups, news articles, even your competition. We build a strategy around your business and areas that you’d like us to focus on. We then build relevant content to share with your network.


So, I’m just out of this now?

Well, that’s up to you. We find that some customers love “handing over the keys to the kingdom”. Others like to remain active. After all, who knows more about your business than you? We remain in constant contact and will work together with members of your team.

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